Behind the Kitchen Door: Tour & Demo at Union Kitchen

Be the first to get a behind the scenes tour of Union Kitchen, DC’s first kitchen incubator where dozens of food entrepreneurs launch their businesses! We will get a chance to see many of them in action including the delightful Chris Johnson of Cured DC. Chris will lead a private demo of his marvelous charcuterie products. In addition to tasting what we make you will get a chance to purchase goodies to take home with you.   We have the possibility of further explore the neighborhood following the tour.

Get your tickets today! 

Union KitchenCured DC

This price is a special offer for our partners of Slow Food DC. We are   slowfooddc_justlogo(2)honored to support this organization and hope you will too.

Slow Food DC has been a big part of my life here in DC. I have had wonderful experiences and made great friends. I am proud to continue to support their work in this new capacity.  The non-profit chapter supporting good, clean, fair food, has an exciting year planned with these initiatives:

1) Ark of Taste/education – building an Ark of Taste garden and leading educational activities at Wangari Gardens and with partner school gardens.

2) Volunteer opportunities – more regular involvement with area nonprofits and schools.

3) Supporting Snail winners – periodic events and promotion of the good, clean, fair food they offer.

Gumbo Meditations

A proper roux, slowly cooking flour and oil until it becomes a dark mahogany caramelly thickener for soups and stews such as gumbo takes time and patience.  I have heard of shortcuts that try to get the same results using pressure cookers or microwaves.  I am unconvinced of the flavours developed without the care of constant stirring until just the right depth is reached.

roux with mirepoix
roux with the Holy Trinity of Creole Cooking

Not only do I enjoy the results but I also enjoy the process.  The time at the stove constant stirring  gives me time to reflect on thoughts without being pulled away to distractions.

This has been a year of changes and transitions. All in the good category but as life speeds up it becomes increasingly harder to find some time to catch our breath and collect our thoughts.

This pot of gumbo gave me time to rejuvenate and stay committed to launching Taste of Place into reality.  I am looking forward to sharing this and so much more with all of you.

bowl of gumbo