Why? The Pleasure & Joy of Local Tastes

Going to the farmer’s market is one of my favorite things to do. I like being able to chat with people who have the strength and skill to grow food. My home attempts at gardening make  me even more appreciative of what it takes to nourish results from a seed.

colorful radishes
Bright Bunches of Radishes

Wandering among the tables laden with produce of all shapes and sizes, the flavors commingle in my mind as I imagine the possibilities for the feasts I will create. Friendly faces offer samples of sheep and goat cheeses offering up briney  piquant.  The colors pop and inspiration requires little more than wanting to showcase the fruits at the height of ripeness.  In our digital world the tactility of food shines through as one of the few remaining things in which we engage all of our senses. There is always something new to discover, heirloom varieties  to play with.


crate of Blue Italian Plums
Crate of Blue Italian Plums

I enjoy getting to chat with the people who put their love, care, strengths and skills into producing the food I prepare for myself and my loved ones. the market is a place of community that can be hard to find. I take satisfaction in supporting the local economy , not worrying about industrial food recalls, chemicals in processed foods, and the choices that aren’t harmful to the environment locally or globally. But the joy comes from the plate. The joy is increased by sharing these experiences and I want to share them with you.

Fresh Pastries
Irresistible Pastries