Taste of Place wants to share the joy of cooking, make using local ingredients more approachable, and support other local businesses!  Taste of Place invites you to experience the taste of place with market-to-table culinary adventures, exploring local food in the urban landscape of Washington, DC.

Everyone is pressed for time and cooking with fresh ingredients can seem daunting. But the benefits outweigh the costs and with  some pointers in the kitchen the task becomes a pleasure. Taste of Place aims to take the intimidation out of using local produce and getting the most of out it. You don’t need a big kitchen or fancy equipment to make food that tastes good.

 Food tells the story of place; sun and soil,  traditions.  Together we will explore some of our own stories  creating new ones along the way. These stories form the basis of great memories and knowledge, whether you are exploring a new locale or your own city. Taste of Place hopes to guide you in creating special memories of the Washington, DC area.

 Taste of Place is committed to supporting local farmers, producers,  chefs, and organizations who share our commitment to sustainability. Taste of Place values supporting local businesses, helping farmers and producers earn a fair profit from their labor, supporting production and distribution methods that are healthy for people and for the environment, and giving back to the community.



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Culinary Adventures: Exploring local tastes to preserve food heritage and regional traditions.

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