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In addition to private lessons, here are upcoming group events. To buy tickets or for more information email me at kathryn”at”tasteofplacetours.com.

Oyster Exploration: Delectable Bivalves 3 Ways
Saturday, January 30, 2016

$42, available on Feastly

Oysters on the Half Shell
A quick lesson in shucking opens up a luxury, oysters on the half shell. Served with classic sauces, mignonette, hot sauce, and cocktail sauce we will explore the different flavor characteristics. Oysters are a perfect example of terroir, conveying the taste profile of the sea, from which they are harvested.

Crispy Oysters on Fresh Greens with Creamy Buttermilk Dressing
Oysters breaded in cornmeal and quickly fried provides a wonderful contrast in texture in this salad with a tangy creamy buttermilk dressing.

Classic Oyster Stew
The oysters simmer gently in their own liquor and cream with subtle flavoring bringing out the best qualities to this bowl of luxury. This dish serves as a great first course or as a main meal for a quick weeknight supper. Your friends will be impressed if you serve this!
Eastern Market Tour
Sunday, October 18, 2015
We will explore the historic Eastern Market with all five senses, learning about the tastes of this place, the history of the neighborhood and discovering hidden gems along the way! The walking tour will last approximately 2 hours and will include many unique bites along the way. Tour starts at 10:30am – Purchase ticket here

Coming in February…

Cooking with Lesser Known Cuts of Meat

Part of responsible omnivore eating includes making use of the whole animal. In this lesson we will explore tasty ways to prepare some lesser-known/used cuts of meat. Not only does this benefit the environment but these cuts are often cheaper and can produce wonderful rich flavours, a new level of comfort food!  Details coming soon.

Culinary Adventures: Exploring local tastes to preserve food heritage and regional traditions.

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